Seasons Center

Live each season centered on God!

Seasons Center provides community-based programs that promote holistic family & community wellness. We encourage Godly principles,  moral standards, and the restoration of family values.

Our programming incorporates Biblical studies, cultural education, mentoring, and cultural & performing arts.

The Center’s goals are to positively impact lives, encourage deeper relationships with God,  promote healthier lifestyle choices, and invest in strong educational foundations.


Seasons Sisters 

Fellowship, Mentoring,  Biblical Studies

Promoting Biblical principles and application through Bible studies, events, peer groups, and mentorship. Seasons Sisters focuses on women as they tend to be the nurturing and foundation laying component of the family. As a caregiving side effect, women often experience spiritual, social, and physical exhaustion and depletion. Seasons Sisters focuses on tapping into the Spiritual connections with God as a source of rejuvenation, direction, strength, and power.


Talitha Cumi Girls Club

Little Girl Arise!

The Talitha Cumi program’s function is to educate, validate, encourage, and uplift preteen and teen girls. It also provides structure and spiritual guidance. This is done through mentorship, classes, and events that support our goals. The program is dedicated to the support and development of our youth as it focuses on spiritual growth and social and personal development. The desire is to positively impact the lives of the participants as they become productive women and successful leaders of the future.



Dance, Fitness, Ensemble

  Silhouette Dance & Wellness is dedicated to community dance, fitness & wellness in ways that exalt God through spiritual, moral, and socially conscious efforts.  It was founded as an outreach ministry for women and girls and has expanded to encompass the family as a whole. The fitness and wellness programs focus on holistic healing and overall wellness for each individual to maintain his or her best God-centered quality of life.