Seasons Center’s

Cultural Arts Programs

Kai Knight-Artistic Director

2022 CTDF Youth Intensive

July 5-10, 2022

African, Haitian,

Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian,

AfroJazz, Modern,

Afro-Modern, AfroBeats



Our Children

CTDF Youth Dance Intensive welcomes dancers ages 8-18 years of age.  Our goal is to provide an intimate setting that nurtures, encourages, and inspires dancers to further train in dance. CTDF emphasizes the cultural contributions of the people, movements, and history of the African Diaspora. We will specifically focus on those that are ingrained in the landscape of New Orleans.

Our stories

Dancers take part in dance intensives featuring various mentoring performance artists, historians, and culture bearers of the city. This immersion provides a platform for many stories, lessons, and training that is not available in mainstream dance education outside of New Orleans.

Our future

We hope to inspire the youth and encourage them to share their festival experiences with their communities. We want our youth to continue their studies in the movements of the African Diaspora and become the new generation of culture bearers. We recognize the importance of knowing our history in order to build a brighter future. Therefore, CTDF Youth Intensive is dedicated to providing a space where participants can stand on the shoulders of the performing artist leaders of today to reach higher heights tomorrow.




Andrea Peoples


Mikeall Caesar


Seguenon Kone

DRum &Dance

Janese Galithe

Afro Brazilian

Kenika Dixion

Mixed Modern Arts

Kai Knight

Afro Modern

Tianna P. Sykes

Afro Jazz

Nana Sula

Songs of the Orishas

Curtis Pierre